Landlord Safety Checks

South Lakes Gas  carry out gas safety checks all across the South Lakes. Our aim is to provide a professional service to Landlords and tenants who will both be provided with a copy of the certificate indicating the condition of appliances and gas supply.

With regard to installation and use, Landlords have a duty under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 to arrange regular maintenance (annually) by a GAS SAFE registered installer for all pipe work, appliances and flues on their property that are for tenants use.

What's the worst that could happen?

If the gas appliances in your home are unsafe or have not been serviced by a qualified engineer for some time, you or/and your tenants could be at risk from fire, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide gas is invisible and has no smell. It is very poisonous and can kill quickly. If you are suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, you might have symptoms such as headaches, nausea, chest pains, sudden faintness, erratic behaviour, diarrhoea or stomach pains.

Safety Tip. If you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector - which you should - test the alarm from time-to-time to make sure the battery is still good. If the Detector is faulty or the battery needs replacing, arrange to replace the battery, or detector ASAP -it's no use if it's not working.

Carbon Monoxide detectors are a useful additional safety measure - they are not expensive and may save lives.

What is a landlord responsible for?

Private landlords must have a valid gas safety certificate (CP12) for all gas equipment in the accommodation that is rented out. Gas Safety Certificates can only be given by GAS SAFE registered engineers and are valid for 12 months. Before issuing a Gas Safety Certificate, the engineer will first check gas supply, gas appliances, gas flues and ventilation. If any problems are identified, the landlord must get a GAS SAFE registered engineer to carry out any necessary works.

What about new gas appliances?

All new gas appliances installed since 1998 in bedrooms, bedsits, bathrooms or shower rooms have to be 'room sealed'. This means that the gas burning system is sealed off from the room. New appliances must also be fitted by registered GAS SAFE registered engineers.

What if the landlord does not comply?

If a landlord does not have a valid Gas Safety Certificate or does not do works required, the Health and Safety Executive has the power to prosecute. Failure to follow gas safety requirements is a criminal offence and may be punished by fines or imprisonment.

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